01. My grandmother gets a lot of pain in her [joints] when the weather is cold.
02. Rub some of this lotion on your sore elbow, and it'll loosen up that stiff [joint] a bit.
03. My brother and his friends were smoking a [joint] at the party when my dad walked in.
04. He quickly rolled a [joint] and lit it up.
05. She injured the [joint] in her ankle when she tripped and fell while jogging.
06. Anne and I have a [joint] bank account that we both deposit our paychecks into.
07. After getting a divorce, they came to a [joint] decision that they would each take care of the children half-time.
08. The fair is [jointly] run by the city and a couple of service organizations.
09. My mum cooked up a large [joint] of beef for dinner.
10. After a big fight broke out at the nightclub, the police closed the [joint] for a few days.
11. We went dancing at a nice little [joint] that just opened up downtown.
12. A couple of guys got thrown out of the bar, so they went back later that night and set the [joint] on fire.
13. Would you like me to slice you another piece of meat off the [joint] of pork?
14. The union and management have come to a [joint] agreement on a salary increase of 5%.
15. My brother and I have [joint] ownership of the business.
16. The program is a [joint] effort by the state government and private industry.
17. Jennifer Aniston once worked as a waitress at a hamburger [joint].
18. In Holland, marijuana is not legal, but people can buy [joints] at special "coffee shops."
19. Doctors say that the knee is the most easily injured of all the [joints] in the body.
20. Antarctica was long used as a testing laboratory for the [joint] United States-Soviet Union mission to Mars because it closely resembles that planet.
21. We fried the chicken [joints] in a delicious coconut curry.
22. Alexander Pope once wrote, "Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call, but the [joint] force and full result of all."
23. The tunnel under the English Channel was built as a [joint] venture by the governments of Great Britain and France.
24. [Joints] in rock allow the atmosphere and water to attack the rock body at a greater depth.
25. Around one third of elderly people suffer frequent [joint] pain.
26. Healthy [joints] protect the ends of your bones from physical wear and tear.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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